Introduction: name, country and representing, no safety. Clothing: costume Gladiators or Roman style. Contact with the people.
Correct use of waving- en sweat towels. Use ice and water, respect for the stove (special 1-2 round).
Towel is allowed to fall down to a maximum of 3 times and reuse immediatly, at the 4th and more, then minus point for professionalism. Also the towel how fall down the 4th time can no more reuse.
Discount: no show Aufguss stuf, Disrespect for Aufguss equipment, no fairplay, no ice/water to guests, Don’t play a joker.
Modern/Classis Round 1&2
50% modern/classic- max 50% show (incl. throw and catch) technics
Bring the heat with the towel.
All waving technics: One hand, Fast/slow combination, Open and close towel waving technics (after close towel direct throw and catch).
Smooth transitions
Feel the music, waving on the BPM
Freestyle Round 3
General show technics (1 and 2 hands techniques)
Throw and catch, clean catch important. Extremely complex technics (acrobatics)
Smooth transitions
Combi of show technics and modern/classic